Body Caught North

At the end of Ojii-chan’s dying, his body was buried north. The pits of his eyes, dilated in dark, were like split moons. As if a razor fashioned two slits to his flesh. That day, I remember Mama told me that the soul leaves through the eyes. That pupils punctuate when a body is sentenced; … Continue reading Body Caught North

A Piece of My Narrative

By Ayoola Akinlana Stories don’t have to be written; I am currently still living out mine. But here is a part of it. — I stared into space, discreetly scrawling letters in the air. A Y O O L A… I-YO-LUH. I-YO-LAH. This time, it was my name. I marveled over each letter as I … Continue reading A Piece of My Narrative

The Two Sides of Acapulco

By Sergio Morales   Fresh, arid air engulfed me as I exited the noisy bus terminal for the harsh sunlight of my home city. Papagayo Park's flourishing greenery loomed in the distance, drowned out only by voluminous crowds of tourists flanked by an unceasing flow of traffic. Upon entering a taxi, my parents and I zipped down Acapulco’s coastal avenue … Continue reading The Two Sides of Acapulco